What’s with this weather???

Hi Octopus class, hope you had a great holiday? We visited your school last week only to find out that you weren’t there!! When we were there we were confused as the sky had a large sun on some days but on others water fell from the sky! We were a little confused as on our planet it doesn’t change. This should be very confusing for you as how do you know what to wear each day? Can you explain about your weather for us to understand? Speak to you soon. The Weevils

Hello from the Weevils

Hi year 2 its been a long time since we contacted you! We have been travelling around the galaxy and discovering new things. Last week we visited your planet and noticed some very strange creatures. They all looked different and some were eating each other! What are these animals? Could you tell us about one of them so we can find out their names? What they look like? Where we could find them living and what they are like? We would love to learn as much as we can about your planet. Thank you speak again soon.

Help needed to recognise The Owl and The Pussy cat!

Dear Octopus class,

My name is Mr. Piggy Wig. I live in the land where the Bong Trees grow, and I have received a message saying that two wonderful animals are coming here to celebrate their wedding! This will be such a joyous occasion. Here on the island we can’t wait to meet them and celebrate!

The problem is that we haven’t met them before, and really don’t know how we will recognise them! Apparently, they are known as Mr. Owl and Miss Pussy Cat (or might it be the other way around?). They sent a text message to Mr. Turkey, to let him know that they were coming, and needed a ring! Mr. Turkey, of course, knew of the fine ring that adorns my nose and asked if I would be willing to share it for the joyous occasion.

Of course, I am more than happy to help (although as the ring is so fine, I’ve been thinking hard about how much I should charge them). I am going the shore this very day to meet them as they arrive in their boat. However, with so many boats and animals coming and going, it may be a little hard to identify them!

Could you help, do you think? If you could possibly reply with a written description, it would make my job much easier. I know nothing of their appearance, behaviour or personalities! Thanking you in advance for your kind attention to my letter, I look forward to reading your replies.

Yours most attentively,
Mr. P. Wig.

Mrs Armitage







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we went to mr tets class

to see a storey . So miss skiner choost one  persn to be miss is  armatij miss is armtij had a big bike so Miss skiner choos id a nufer 2 to be wils


owen and louise



Mrs Armitage

yesterday the hole of year two went into mr tets class to lern abate stuff. miss sikner was choosing  people to come up  to   the frunt  the  of room and  do suthing fun.Mrs Amtig had a big, long bike with a lote of stuff on it.   big   rils. 

Madison and  Max